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can you get abs by eating nothing but Chipotle chocolate and pop chips that’s a key to body die we’re gonna talk about that right now ?

what is up everybody its christian  from christian  nutrition and I remember when I was trying to search for how to get abs and how to lean out I would always go to Google and YouTube has searched the best diet and just see what people are doing I mean that’s very much what everyone does right through your searches you generally come across this guy his name is Greg o Gallagher from Kinobody

and as with most people being that mean as Leena’s Greg is it’s cool for us people want to get that lean so when he came out with his diet of how he got to 5 percent by about how he gotthat lean of course people can be attracted to it kind of run you through the diet his morning consisted of a fast 

they had two coffees a kind of blood as hunger he would break his fast with a couple pieces of fruit then even have a triple steak Chipotle Bull pop chips and finish his night off with a green and flax chocolate bar that sounds pretty cool right that’s a diet that he falls to get to 5% body fat but will that work for you doesn’t even make sense well there’s a few things that you need to consider 

first thing you need to consider is that the diet works but not for the reasons you think even I used to look up diets and workout programs that I saw these different people doing and getting results off of them I completely thought there was something special inherently of the exercises that they were doing or the foods that people were eating so does this diet work 

yes absolutely but it’s not because he’s having specifically to potently chocolate and chips has nothing to do with those food choices he literally just has to do with the fact that he’s controlling his caloric consumption second thing you have to consider is that this is an intermittent fasting protocol which is okay when I used to search like how to get abs how to get lean what’s the best diet to follow keto whatever age mean fasting was brought to my attention through Greg and he always preaches it and the results of him and other people get on it but does that mean it’s good for you no not really and why your beautiful self might ask is it solely depends on while you’re fasting

 if you’re doing it for the fad of inter minute fasting because someone told you like reg that you’re gonna get massive benefits on it you will fall off you will not sustain it’s not something that you’re going to necessarily enjoy if you do a two-minute bath simply because you prefer it simply because you’re maybe not hungry in the morning I’m hungry in the afternoon or night whatever it is you’re eating window that’s a different story you’re probably going to adhere to that but it’s not because intimated fasting is inherently better

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 I would actually argue the opposite out arguing eating multiple meals throughout the day is better so consider that this diet is a fasting diet and the benefits you get are not because there’s any magical fat-burning benefits to fasting but rather because you’re controlling your calories within a restricted feeding window another thing to consider is that you’re not really getting a whole lot of nutrition in here listen as is most people I couldn’t give two craps about nutrition we’re not started at all i care is apps i want to look good in the mirror that’s really all I cared about I like it or not boring or not nutrition matters a lot fun fact your body’s a lot more than just how you look in the mirror your body cells and your cells need nutrients to survive to function – to live and thrive and be optimal as a human being let alone to promote recovery promote performance and that you need nutrients 

you can’t just skip out on that for the sake of getting out and in his diet and he’s barely having fruits and vegetables he has a couple of break as fast and he’s getting its veggies in this Chipotle Bowl but the rest of the time he’s eating he’s not really getting much the chocolate bar sounds great by having a chocolate bar every single day no I mean you can have a dark chocolate bar but if you’re having ultra dark chocolate you’re having a whole bar you’re gonna wrap your toilet and then the pop chips aren’t bad but they’re not great either over time of eating these foods you’re gonna notice a drop in energy drop in recovery performance in a supper and it’s just not gonna be optimal 

for you now the fourth thing to consider is yes this diet is very very structured which is awesome but it also doesn’t allow for any freedom and this can become a problem because I’m a man of structure I love knowing what I’m eating tomorrow the next day and just having those meals set just less cognitive energy going to what I’m eating in a day which is why Primeau meal prepping but restricting your meal plan- literally four things is not gonna be sustainable and again the war is a healthy and most people are going to fall off of it because once they start getting cravings for something else as soon as they have the other thing they’re gonna throw off this whole plan structure is awesome and everyone needs a little bit of structure but have the freedom to experiment with different recipes and different foods

 I seem to consider is that everything works everything technically will work but I will argue that some things are better and healthier and even more efficient and effective than other things so in the scope of this meal plan does intermittent fasting work sure definitely works and I said for everybody is it healthy for everybody no not at all so before you look at this dire really any die and put on a pedestal because the person promoting it shredded understand that everything works but what works for this person and what works for you might be totally different this is the equivalent I’m trying to get a 150-pound beginner and put them on the rocks meal plan and workout plan i person’s gonna be fat because of all the extra food they’re eating that their body doesn’t need they’re gonna become overtrain because their program should not look like the rocks program and they’re gonna pretty much hurt themselves and be unhealthy and just run on a deficit 

it just doesn’t make sense a plan made for the rock and a plan made for a 150-pound beginner may be totally different things as it pertains to this diet there’s certainly better ways to go about fat loss and there’s certainly better ways to eat don’t have to intimate it fast you don’t have to restrict yourself to only four meals which are yours Apolo your fruit your chips and your chocolate I don’t even consider chocolate and chips and freeze meals there’s no need to to go and do these extreme diets because they’re not gonna work for most people kino body die of Chipotle chocolate and chips is very attractive because you’re eating the foods you enjoy and you trying to get the results that you’re gonna look like great but it’s not the most efficient is not the most effective and certainly not the healthiest it up a bit try some different diets from various people and then just kind of like talk about the diets rate them talk about how I feel on them so today we’re gonna be doing none other than Greg o Gallagher otherwise known as Kino body so have you ever watched any kind of like Fitness content on YouTube then you’ve probably come across one of his videos or maybe even seen an ad where he’s like on a golf course and he’s got a shirt off and he’s talking about the Hollywood physique he’s a big advocate of intermittent fasting and it’s incorporated into pretty much all of his programs that he sells Greg himself eats about 2,200 calories a day while he’s cutting and in his latest full day of eating video he kind of shows like you exactly what’s in his diet so luckily for me I’ve already kind of been incorporating intermittent fasting into my 12 week challenge so I had my last meal last night before a p.m. so basically that means that I can have my first meal today or break my fast today at 12 p.m. 

so before we get started I’m actually gonna do like a little weigh-in well I have nothing in my stomach and then tomorrow morning I’ll weigh in at the same time that way you guys can kind of see the results so let’s do that alright so as you can see I’m starting the challenge at 160 9.6 pounds today alright so during the fasting window Greg likes to drink an Americano coffee and he also drinks a bunch of Pellegrino as he claims that it blunts your hunger so we’re gonna head over to Starbucks and pick those things up as well as a treat for later when we break the fast let’s go all right so we just hit up the Starbucks drive-through and I was able to get a tall americano unfortunately they did not have Pellegrino which is weird because usually I I think they do have it but they had something similar just the sparkling water with lime flavor the flavor doesn’t add any calories so it’s okay to drink during the fasting period basically you can have any kind of zero calorie drink as long as it doesn’t create an insulin response then it’s okay for fasting I mean I also picked up this which I’m super excited about when I break the fast around 12:00 I’m gonna have this rice krispies treat with marshmallows in it 

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